Vibe: Mt. Ossa

For some Monday morning listening, we are spinning the latest Mt. Ossa album, "Homework Machine".

We came across these guys this past Friday at The Echoplex while out supporting (Weekend Society members) Wildcat! Wildcat! Before Wildcat! took the stage, Mt. Ossa opened the show and straight melted faces. 

The dynamics and tightness of their live show sure captured our attention, now it's our turn to share them with you. Listen to their entire album below.

Wondering what they sound like before you listen, we'll let the band themselves tell you: 

"People have called our music anything from surf rock and psych-pop, to dream disco and soul fuzz; we’re okay with that. We’re okay with presenting to the observer an opportunity to imagine and experience. Ever expanding, and limitless is who we are. Loving what we do is not hard. Color and light and shapes and terrestrial bodies are all things that inspire us, but our love for music is what drives us to be MT. OSSA"