Photographs: Gavin Crews

Since day one collaboration has been one of Weekend Society's unique values and strengths. We strive to bring creative and adventurous people together to work on projects that could lead to creating something that has never existed before. 

Recently we had the chance to work with Gavin Crews who we met through our mutual friend Coco Horsager!

Here's what he had to say about the project: 

"My friends and I are huge adventurers, so when I was approached by Weekend Society and asked to do a shoot featuring their recent apparel I was totally on board. I love the idea behind what the company stands for. The encouragement to never grow boring. The adventurous style behind their designs is great and totally fits with me and my group of friends. When I went out to shoot, I wanted to stay true to the brand. We decided to go out and explore a completely new spot in Wildomar, CA we’ve affectionately dubbed “The Plateau”. It was a pretty cold day so I told my friends to throw on some of the outerwear I received and we got to shooting! To keep with the theme of freedom that I feel runs through the core of what Weekend Society stands for we used a vintage American flag for several of the shots. I had a great time, and the apparel kept us warm and comfortable while we did our normal adventuring." 

Check out some of his shots below!