Editorial Feature in "Labeling Men"

A couple weekends ago we sat down with Los Angeles-based fashion publication Labeling Men. Our time with them turned into a full-fledged beach hangout and we had the opportunity share our story and answer a few questions for an editorial feature on their site. 

Looking back on our time spent with them at Manhattan Beach and seeing the final editorial piece that came from all their hard work, this experience has to be one of the coolest collaborations we've done so far and we are beyond excited to share.

We can't wait to see what comes next from this great publication team...

Visit their site here: http://www.labelingmen.com/

Read the entire interview here: http://www.labelingmen.com/#!BEHIND-THE-SEAMS-Weekend-Society/cnqv/C290F15F-D415-4504-9133-FFF3C1C38A01