Behind the Business: BaseCamp Zip Hoodie

Let go. Let's go. Run wild, run free, run into the wilderness. 

Today mark's the release of our latest piece, the BaseCamp Zip Hoodie. To help celebrate the new hoodie we decided to share a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process to craft this piece. 

Brainstorm: When we decided to add another hoodie to the collection we knew it would receive a winter release. This gave us one of the initial ideas to incorporate mountain themes in the design. In this same brainstorming session we touched on night sky themes and the broad imagery of "the wild west".

Sketch: While sitting at my desk one day I sketched a triangular patch design (shown below). I wanted to incorporate mountains, the stars I'm so fond of back home in Wyoming, and incapsulate these elements with a summer camp/wilderness vibe. My main reference point for similar styling was envisioning this design as a patch that a character in a Wes Anderson movie might wear. Later, I looked at the placement of a chest logo and began brainstorming a place for us to include a secondary element with words. This evolved into the wrist design (original sketch below).

Digital Revisions: I passed the sketches on to Andres and his first point of action was a digitization of the images, which were the first form of revision. He cleaned up the styling and referenced the sketch to create a bolder, cleaner chest element. Concurrently, he had been working on the design that became the wrist print. This was not initially thought of for this project, but it's Southwestern/Native American motifs fit in nicely with the overall design. His next move was to make the two designs work harmoniously as one overall design, so the chest patch received additional stylistic tweaks.

Placement and Printing: We wanted the color of this hoodie to be bold, yet classy, so chose a cranberry hoodie accented in white. The white accents influenced our print color. The chest design had always been intended for the left chest panel. For the wrist element, we looked at wrist tattoo placement and the idea of having a mantra to look down at from time to time. We wanted to have one of our elements in a place that isn't normally seen in other products, to give this hoodie a little something to stand out from the crowd with.

Easter Egg: Look for the bear that Andres hid in the mountain...

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x Jason  x