Vibe: "I'm With You" Grouplove Documentary

We here at Weekend Society believe in collaboration. It's in our mission statement, it's what we strive to do with other creative entities, it's in our daily work at the office. So when we came across this "short" documentary about a band we've respected for quite some time, we felt apt to share it with you. Their history is quite interesting, and not at all what most people assume it to be. Grouplove's story is one that breaks the conventional mold of pop bands today and shows the value of collaboration and stepping outside your comfort zone.

We've had the chance to interact with a few of the band members and can confirm that they are indeed the same spirited, creatively old souls as they appear to be in this film. So, sit back, relax, listen to (and watch) some good tunes and learn a thing or two.

The concert documentary "I'm With You" follows the band Grouplove as they play a series of shows in NYC around the release of their new album. Weaving live music with documentary scenes, the film traces the history of the band and explores the unique interpersonal dynamics that make the group so special.