Vibe: Sculptor Ron Mueck

We love to share creative people's work on our blog. We hope it keeps the creative conversation going in your head, we hope it inspires. 


Wknd co-owner, Jason Joyce, weighs in-

"When I came across this article on Australian sculptor Ron Mueck I was figuratively floored. His work is quite unlike anything I have ever seen." 

"Ron's "people" create a whirlwind in my head. His work tells stories even grander than some of the massive pieces he makes. The tiny details, the looks, the positions of the sculptures are the first lines in a novel. I know his "people" are sculptures but they are so visceral that I have to remind myself that they have been created by someone's hands. When I look at them I begin to create the back story, start to spin the details that led each person to the exact moment when they've been voyeuristically captured by Ron. And that to me, is the true purpose of art- to spark otherwise unprovoked thought and emotion and send one into a creative tizzy of their own."


Read the full article and see more of his work here:

(or by clicking the picture below)